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I don't ALWAYS have low confidence in the other arguer's ability to tolerate a steel man version of their own argument. I do have low confidence in the ability of most people, especially me, to decide what constitutes a non-gratuitous steel man. I have an unfortunate, but understandable, bias in favor of my own creations, and I suspect that this bias is widely shared.

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I would add that the goal of intellectual progress sometimes extends beyond you-the-rationalist, to the (potentially less than rational) person you're arguing with. The goal is not just to "produce" the truth, or to recognize the truth with your own two eyes. The goal is to both locate the truth convince the other person that it is in fact the truth.

Often, I find myself in the following scenario: Someone says, "X and Y, therefore Z!" And off the bat, I have a good idea of what they're thinking and where the logic goes bad. But in point of fact, they are being loose with semantics, and there definitions of X and Y consistent with their original (loose) statements which imply Z. I could ask them clarifying questions and get them to pin down their position further...but alternatively, I am free to say, "Surely you don't mean this one thing [which they really do mean] because here's how that would go bad. Perhaps you really meant this other thing? Am I understanding you correctly?"

This makes it much easier for people to "back down" from their original position without losing face, because they are framed as not having ever committed to that position in the first place. The reality is that we often have a choice between nailing someone in place and offering them up as a sacrifice to the logic gods -- in which case we don't really win since the logic gods can't actually touch people who don't submit to their power -- or deliberately leaving them untethered, so that they will more willingly adjust to new evidence.

Here it's not so much that I'm constructing the best argument from the corpse of their fully formed argument and striking it down. It's more like encouraging the growth of an adolescent argument in a direction that does not require it to be struck down, in the process striking down the bad argument that the original argument have grown into, and trying to ensure that my "opponent" doesn't end up getting slain along with the bad argument.

This would be out of place in the above post, but I thought it was worthy of a discussion on Better Disagreement. Because I used to think the way to win was to pin people into logical corners, but if you're goal is partly to people, and those people are like most people, then in my (limited) experience, this way works So. Much. Better.

If the goal is intellectual progress, those who disagree should aim not for name-calling but for honest counterargument.

If you have any listings for houses that are $200,000-$250,000 that can comfortable fit a family of 4 in NYC, London, or Hong Kong can you please send them to me? I would love to invest in a property in any of those cities where I could rent out the house for 50% of the purchase price annually.

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Man, I’d love to know too! That would be sweet to buy properties for $200K-$250K here in SF and flip them for instant gains.

I would be kinda upset too if I bought NYC and London property and sold a long time ago to only be able to afford to buy a $300K house in the suburbs of Tokyo. But man, the food in Tokyo/Japan in general is so good, it might help him ease the pain.

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LOL. Clearly DragonAsh is a jealous guy who feels bad that he lives in a mediocre house in the boondocks of Tokyo. If he was happy with himself, he wouldn’t be so angry per his original comment.

Ah, the banter is so fun! “I’m financially free but still work” is the biggest lie people who are not financially free tell themselves.

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Care to share when you reached financial independence and how much your budget is with how many kids? Where do you live?

You sound pretty bitter for some reason. Plenty of commenters have said the expenses are spot on, if not low.

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Financial independence at age 40, although I still work because I love what I do, two kids, spent the last 10 years in London, 10 years before that in NYC (UWS) and currently live in Tokyo and I paid cash for my house.

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I wonder if maybe you’re thinking of housing prices from 20+ years ago when you bought in NYC. A 3 bedroom apartment on the UWS today rents for $8,000-$22,000/month and would be a minimum $2M and more likely $3M+ to purchase. Prices in the last decade have gone crazy in these cities.

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Jojo says

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El doctor Joseph Jaksy posa con (de izquierda a derecha): Valeria Suran, Lidia Suran, y su esposa. Las hermanas Suran eran entre 25 judíos que el Doctor Jaksy rescató durante la guerra. Checoslovaquia, fecha incierta.

A pesar de la indiferencia de muchos europeos y la colaboración de otros en el asesinato de los judíos, miles arriesgaron sus vidas para ayudar a los judíos. El rescate de los judíos tomó muchas formas.

El rescate más notable ocurrió en la Dinamarca ocupada por los nazis. En octubre de 1943 las autoridades daneses fueron avisadas a una redada inminente por las SS de los judíos daneses. La resistencia danés organizó una operación de rescate, en la cual pescaderos daneses transportaron alrededor de 7.200 judíos (de una población judía total en Dinamarca de 7.800) a la seguridad en la Suecia neutral.

En Polonia, también había casos de polacos tratando de ayudar a judíos. Zegota, la resistencia polaca que dio asistencia a los de judíos, empezó operaciones en 1942. Miembros del ejército nacionalista [Polish Home Army] y el ejército comunista [Polish People's Army] atacaron posiciones alemanas durante el levantamiento del ghetto de Varsovia en abril de 1943. Aún, la resistencia polaca solo proveyó una cantidad mínima de municiones a combatientes judíos.

Algunas iglesias, orfanatos, y familias europeos proveyeron lugares para esconder a los judíos, y en algunos casos, individuales ayudaron a judíos ya escondiéndose (como Sam Edelman Womens Navya Woven Leather Mules 73ud7Kbo
y su familia en Holanda). En Francia, los protestantes del pueblo de Le Chambon-sur-Lignon dieron refugio a varios miles de judíos, uno de muchos ejemplos de actos de rescate en Francia, Bélgica, e Italia.

Algunos individuos también usaron su influencia personal para ayudar a los judíos. En Budapest, el diplomático sueco Zign Heeled mules black 1ogG5w
, el diplomático suizo Carl Lutz, y el ciudadano italiano Giorgio Perlasca dieron a decenas de miles de judíos “pases protectivos” falsificados que los eximían de la mayoría de las medidas anti-judías y de la deportación. El industrialista alemán Oskar Schindler estableció una fabrica (de utensilios de cocina de hierro esmaltado) fuera del ghetto de Cracovia, Polonia, y protegió los empleados judíos de la deportación. Los planes del gobierno búlgaro de deportar a los judíos de Bulgaria en la primavera de 1943 fallaron a causa de la intervención energética por políticos y religiosos importantes de Bulgaria; esta actividad indujo al rey búlgaro, Boris III, de cancelar la deportación.

Otros no judíos, como Jan Karski, un mensajero para el gobierno polaco en el exilio, intentó llamar atención a los planes nazis de asesinar los judíos. Karski se reunió con lideres judíos en el ghetto de Varsovia, y transmitió sus reportajes de los asesinatos masivos a los lideres Aliados, incluyendo el Presidente Franklin D. Roosevelt. Oficiales del gobierno estadounidense no actuaron al recibir el aviso de Karski.

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