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Saint Laurent Suede Debbie Platform Cross Strap Sandals in . NCD0EGhk
Saint Laurent Suede Debbie Platform Cross Strap Sandals in .
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I love love love pistachio ice cream!

My pistachio ice cream trait that I’m turning up is frankness. I’ve been way more ‘polite’ on my blog at times than I need to be. Time to get feisty!


You both are fascinating people:) Loved this video!

I like the metaphor of vanilla and pistachio icecream, yes I just need to find out my unique and natural flavor! Maybe berry ginger!

Also like the way of screening ideal customers – it will save lots of time and energy!

Thanks a lot for putting on this show…

P.s Enjoy the fun endings of at Marie TV videos …and Sally’s interpretation of the surname:!!


I loved the vid the quiz. Funnest personality test I’ve ever taken and maybe the most accurate as well. Marie asked in her email what special personality trait I can leverage. What I would have said also turned out to be part of what my quiz results are: I like to innovate and revolutionize to make things more real, more truthfully what their essence is. Thank you!!!


Hi! Wow, very captivating! I am training myself to live in the moment and to be 100% focus in every thing I do. And I was! What a treat! Thank you Marie!

Time for me to discover my strengths and personality! What people say about me is that I have such a high ENERGY that they feel happier and motivated around me. Hence I would like to translate this into PASSION. THANK YOU for giving me the strength to see how our own personalities have to be part of our businesses and to our successes! Love, xoxo


Wow! Thanks so much for this! I think this might be my fav vid yet (or at least in the top 5). When I did a survey my most common trait was “creativity” and “thoughtfulness” … I’m in a creative biz, so I guess that works out well!

Thanks again, this was energizing, and of course, fascinating!


Thank you Marie and Sally. I totally need this right now.


You inspire me each day to be my own boss!! The transition from having a full time job, that “comfort” zone to full time entrepreneur is something I want to achieve this year! I love your humor, your passion for life and the amazing tips you share!


I teach that the world sees you how you see the world. When we change the way we see the world, our attitude changes and when our attitude changes, people change how they see us.


Love this! Thank you so much Marie and Sally. I really resonate with Passion and Prestige and wonder how to bring these qualities forth more. Any suggestions from the passionate and prestigious among you! 🙂 Thanks!

To be safe, avoid doing anything sensitive on a smart TV, such as online banking or shopping with a credit card. Smart TVs are simply not as safe as computers.

Yes, it can. Information you share on a Facebook app on a TV or when ordering on Amazon or Netflix on the big screen is shared in the same way as when you conduct such business on a PC or a smartphone.

In 2012, computer researchers demonstrated ways to break into particular smart TVs that had built-in video cameras and microphones , and then eavesdrop on people in their living rooms.

In addition, companies can collect private information about you and your viewing habits from a smart TV. In late 2013, for example, LG admitted that it had received information about what channels owners were watching , even after those users turned on the privacy setting. (LG said this was due to a software bug that has since been corrected.)

In early 2017, Vizio agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle claims alleging that the company had collected viewing data from 11 million TVs without getting the owners' approval. The claims accused Vizio of secret monitoring that included information about not just app use but also what owners watched on their disc players, cable systems and even over-the-air broadcasts.

Some, but not all, smart TVs let you go online. This requires a special browser that is both compatible with all the HTML standards that websites use and able to convert and display those sites properly on a big screen.

Some smart TVs allow you to surf the internet. (Photo: Samsung) If you want to surf the web on your TV, make sure your set has its own browser. Also, ask if there's a wireless-keyboard option, which is far less common.

Smart TV services and features don't affect a TV's ability to get local stations. If you have cable or satellite service, you will continue to receive the same stations. If you don't have either of those services, you'll still need some sort of internet connection (DSL or cable) for the smart services, and then an Nike Leather Low Trainers QHbvYF
to pull in local, over-the-air broadcasts for free. At least for now, most television stations have not followed the lead of radio stations, which stream their live broadcasts online.

That said, pay attention to what the manufacturer calls the model you're interested in. If the model is described as a display rather than an HDTV or Ultra HD TV, it probably doesn't have a tuner built-in. Unless you provide your own tuner, you won't be able to enjoy over-the-air channels.

More and more people are trying cord cutting , which refers to the termination of cable or satellite TV service in favor of paid online services such as Hulu Plus and Netflix. You can use your smart TV to take advantage of these services and cut the cord, with certain limitations.

Higher-performing drivers also appear more susceptible to structural equivalence. Splitting at the median in total points earned, structural equivalence is statistically indiscernible below the median, but it is significant above the median where the stakes are higher than for lower-performing drivers. Audience members are also particularly interested in comparing high performers. Their focus on the dyad may accelerate microlevel dynamics set in motion by structural equivalence.

Moving to broader contextual conditions, we present estimates for a median split on race number in the season. When a season is fully underway and a stable role structure has emerged, we expect drivers to shift from a global to a local competitive focus ( 36 ). Some (distant) drivers are now irrelevant, while other, structurally equivalent drivers can no longer be dismissed: occupying the same niche is not a fluke once enough time has passed. Structurally equivalent drivers may also grow more salient to each other because the window for establishing clear dominance is narrowing—a process that might work in tandem with competitive arousal, familiar from studies of bidding behavior as auctions draw to a close ( Saucony GUIDE ISO Stabilty running shoes white sCdEFGFW
). Consistent with our expectation, time-dependent processes such as these appear to be at work among F1 drivers: a significant effect of structural equivalence is replicable when the season is more mature, but not when the season is still getting started.

To ensure that the insignificance of structural equivalence in the first half of the season is not an artifact of measurement error, we exploit variation in our stability measure. Recall that stability corresponds to recent race-over-race autocorrelation in drivers’ positions in the competitive network. Structural equivalence is significant for stability above the median, but not below. It is also significant for race number and stability jointly above their medians, but not when one or both of these covariates are below their medians. Viewed together, the estimates visualized in Fig. 2 suggest that a time-dependent process of network congealing, rather than time pressure alone, is necessary for structural equivalence to prompt conflict.

Our final contingent prediction is that drivers react to structural equivalence most forcefully when they feel safe in their physical environment. Our reasons for expecting the strongest link between structural equivalence and collisions to be found in safe conditions is perhaps best summarized by considering unsafe conditions. Two processes go hand in hand with perceived danger, making local struggles for respect unlikely if not implausible.

First, and most obviously, drivers must prioritize staying alive. They will focus less on resolving status ambiguity with structurally equivalent others when their survival is at stake. Second, it is reputationally costly to (unsuccessfully) taunt a peer in pernicious conditions. If, in such conditions, hostile interactions escalate into severe injury or death, the cost to the perpetrator’s reputation will likely be greater than normal. In addition, external, collectively felt threats are expected to evoke cooperative—more than competitive—impulses ( 38 ). Consequently, to ignore this norm—and put a peer’s life in clear danger—is likely to be coded as dishonorable conduct.

All SunBriteTV televisions share the features that make them the right choice for outside use: brighter than indoor televisions, weatherproof (protection against snow, rain, insects, humidity), weatherproof cable connections, and a warranty that’s valid for outdoor use. Where you place your TV determines which model is the best fit.

Full Shade

Veranda Series

Partial Sun

Aquazzura Love Story Leather Sandals wG1ijFy2qF

Full Sun

Pro Series

Compare SunBriteTV outside televisions features and specifications
Typical Indoor TV
Full Shade Veranda Series
Partial Sun Signature Series
Full Sun Pro Series
Safe for Outdoor Use
Weather proof (rain, snow, humidity, dust, insects)
Warranty for Outdoor Use
Available Sizes
43", 55", 65", 75"
43", 55", 65", 75"
32", 42", 49", 55"
Outdoor Brightness level
Up to 30% brighter than many indoor TV's
Up to 3X brighter than many indoor TVs
Up to 3X brighter than many indoor TVs
Resolution and Screen Type
4K UHD (LED direct lit)
4K UHD (LED direct lit)
4K UHD or 1080p Full HD (LED)
Weatherproof Cable Media Compartment
Antiglare Screen
RS232 Serial with Discreet Controls
SunBriteTV OptiView Technology
Select models
Built-in HD Base T
Select models
Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) Technology
Outdoor Operating Temperature Range
-24° to 104°F
-24° to 122°F
-40° to 122°F
Powder-Coated Aluminum Exterior
Commercial-Grade Screen
Protective Glass Shield
Technical Support

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